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Kevin Townsend
SANDS Technical

The past few years have seen a lot of changes in business communication including, but not limited to, regular on site face to face meetings being replaced by phone calls, texts, and video conferencing. Many Customers are no longer regularly on site, sometimes they are not even in the State, so to meet with them in person we must travel to where they are, or have invitations to where they are going.

This is the new way of doing business, and to adapt, SANDS must be in complete harmony with the OEM and the Customer. We are an extension of the OEM and SANDS is part of the team.

We believe that working with clearly defined objectives and a high degree of focus is what sets us apart; regardless it will be the only way to continue in the future.

Not surprisingly this is not a big shift for SANDS – we are successful because we have always lead a concerted “Design, Deliver, Support” effort between Program Management, Engineering, Operations, Quality, Contracts, etc. -- exactly what this new climate demands.

To this end SANDS Technical works with a select group of OEMs and receptive Defense and Space Customers. OEMs are selected because (a) the Customer wants a highly responsive point of contact that understands their needs, or (b) an OEM has demonstrated an ABILITY that the Customer needs to enhance performance, reduce size/weight, or lower cost.

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