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  • RFMD, TriQuint, Custom MMIC and Active Semi are now Qorvo. Products include Amplifiers, Discrete Transistors, SAW and BAW Filters, Frequency Convertors and Sources, Low Power IoT, Optical, Passives, Switches, Phase Shifters, Attenuators, Modules, Power Management
Smiths Interconnect:

  • Millitech: Specialize in the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing of Millimeter-Wave Components, Assemblies, Subsystems and Fully Integrated Systems. Dedicated to providing the most Technically Advanced Millimeter-Wave Products and Services available
  • Tecom: Antenna Products and Subsystems including, Wrap Around, Flush Mount, Blade, Patch, Imbedded, GPS and Active Array Antennas. Positioners and Control Systems. TT&C, Telemetry, DF, SatCom, Linear Panel, Omni and Parabolic Antennas
  • Trak: Ferrite Devices (isolators and circulators), Microwave Subsystems - Local Oscillators, Reference Generators, Low g-sensitivity Frequency Sources, Exciters, Multipliers, Synthesizers, Receivers, Up/Down Converters, Signal Control Products (PIN), High Power Switches and Switched Filter Banks

  • Ultra-narrow FIP (Form In Place) gasketing, Machined Housings, Thermal Interface Materials, Heat Pipes and Sinks, Vacuum Metallization and RF Absorber. Turn key solutions and cutting edge technology (that significantly reduces size and weight) for assemblies and modules (both defense and commercial).
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